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Laxmi Narayana Perumal Temple - 3fm From Tiruppur

The temple is quite big and build in the south Indian architectural pattern. The entrance has pials and in the interior, a brass flagstaff, balipeetam and Garudan are seen near the Maha Mandapa. Garuda and Hanuman in stucco gaurd the entrance. In the north wall of the entrance a stucco Garudalvar can be seen. When the Perumal comes and stands in the Paramapatha Vasal, it will appear as a Garuda Sevai. The concecration of the temple took place in 1965.

Devotees come in large numbers to worship him. Of all the Perumal temples of Palani this the most famous. There are many mini shrines for Saivate Gods, like Muthukumaraswamy, Nataraja, Vinayaka etc. The Utsavamurthi of Muthukumara swamy uses this for the symbolic act of destroying evil and to users in peace and hope in the coming 365 days

Idumban Temple -  Near New Tiruppur

Idumban bore the hills slung across his shoulders, in the form of a kavadi one on either side. When he was fatigued, he placed the kavadi near Palani to take rest.  The great Saga drawn by the sequestered sublimity of this region chose it for penance during his southern trip. After completing it satisfactorily, he dedicated to move further south words. Realizing the sanctity and sublimity hovering over these two hills, he then bade his mighty demon assistant to carry them popularly known as Sivagiri and Sakthigiri tying them onto a Kavadi. Muruga had made it impossible for Idumban to make it. In the fierce battle that ensued, Idumban was killed but was later on restored to life. Idumban prayed that.

Hence the place was called 'Pazham Nee' or Palani. Later, He withdrew to the hill and settled there as a recluse in peace and solitude. Ganapati had won the prized fruit (pomegranate or mango) by simply going round His parents. Long after, this, Subrahmanya came sweating on His peacock to find that the prize had already been given away. Since then, pilgrims to Palani bring their offerings on their shoulders in a kavadi.

The custom has spread from Palani to all Muruga shrines worldwide. The shrine of Lord Murugan is atop a hill 500 feet in height. There are several theerthams enclosing the hill.



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